A few words About Us
We bring you OOZE – THE BRAUHAUS in Panchkula. The first Brauhaus (Micro Brewery) based on the German Technology and it is sure to tickle your taste buds. We arrive in town to win heart with no intentions of being commercial. We are here to wean you away from the natural worries of hectic life which is the trend in modern life style. We wish to affirm our promise of the best BEER in town. At OOZE, we brew according to the “ Bavarian Purity Law” or the “ German Purity Law” that says, “the only ingredients that could be used in production of Beer are water, Barley Matt, Hops and Yeast, with no preservatives to discolour the taste and a hazard to your health.”

We have the Best Quality matt from Australia. We have the Best Quality Yeast from Belgium and France. And, We have best and excellent hops from Germany, Czech and U.S.A.
Wise man says,”Agood beer is the one that needs a good maturation period to impress all.” In here we would give adequate time for ageing and to mature on different types of beer to be spontaneous and loved by all. The brewers at OOZE are dedicated to making great tasting Beer. The reason we are here is to promote our Fresh, Natural, Unfiltered Quality Beer.

‘OOZE’ speaks to our norms and standards of care and craftsmanship that we insists upon when brewing our beer. It’s the taste that we are obsessed with and the taste that distinguishes us from other beers.
Get hooked for the rest of your life. Enjoy Drinking. Cheers.

A Brief History of Beer
Beer has enjoyed a long and illustrious history. Through the years it has been immortalized in songs, stories, poems and legends. The golden nectar has been relished by prominent people in all civilizations.

Apparently, Beer was the first alcohol beverage known to the civilization. It was accidently discovered when someone mixed Barley with Water and let it sit long enough for STRAY yeast Cells to settle triggering fermentation. Beer has played an important role in Egyptian life. It was thought to have medicinal properties.
Many social customs revolved around beer. For example, when a young man offered a young lady a sip of his beer, they were considered Betrothed. In England by late 1300s beer was established as a national drink. In fact queen Elizabeth substituted a potent ale for orange juice as breakfast beverage.

It is hard to say for sure when, exactly, the first true beers were brewed, but it is likely they were originated in the Middle East and Egypt.
The first detailed reports of brewing as we understand it were recorded more than 5000 years ago by the Sumerians who lived in the land which roughly equates to modern day Iraq. After them, the ancient Egyptians developed the art of brewing on a large scale.