Craft Beer

Craft Beer
A beer produced at a micro brewery or at a brauhaus Using Barley Malt, Wheat Malt, Yeast, Hops & Water with no Preservatives, Color or Essence.
A top fermented beer made From wheat malt using specialized strains of yeast. Color : pale yellow Flavour : fruity banana & clove

A bottom fermented lager Made from Pilsner malt. First produced at Bohamia, now Czech rep. Color : Pale to Golden Yellow Flavour : Bitter & Earthy

A top fermented beer Made from Barley malt. Afull bodied, sweet & fruity beer Originated in Britain Color : Pale Yellow to Amber Flavour :Fruity, Nutty & Complex

A bottom fermented lager Made from roasted Dark barley malt. Color :Rich & Dark Flavour : Roasted or Coffee Like